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Textbooks Using Palisade Software

Palisade Books

May we suggest the following books and CDs published by Palisade? Authored by Wayne Winston and Christian Albright of the Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana, these tools will deliver practical theory and real-world, hands-on examples. These books and CDs will help new users quickly become experts!

Decision Making Under Uncertainty
with RISKOptimizer

by Wayne Winston
Decision Making Under Uncertainty
with RISKOptimizer: A Training CD

by Wayne Winston
Learning Statistics with StatTools
by S. Christian Albright
Introduction to Financial Modeling
with @RISK: A Training CD

by Wayne Winston
Financial Models Using Simulation
and Optimization I

by Wayne Winston
Financial Models Using Simulation
and Optimization II

by Wayne Winston

Management Science Textbooks from Duxbury Press (an imprint of Brooks/Cole and Thomson Learning)


Palisade did a good job of balancing ease of use with flexibility and robust results. I think StatTools will allow our students to perform better statistical models more easily.
Phillip Pfeifer, Professor, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia

Developing a new course? Need a supporting textbook? Looking for a good reference text?

Why not consider these leading textbooks from Duxbury Press!

Duxbury Press is the leading publisher of management science and statistics textbooks. These titles are used in top business schools nationwide. Over 40,000 students per year use Palisade software through courses utilizing these titles.

Data Analysis and Decision Making
By Christian Albright, Wayne Winston, and Christopher Zappe

Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools Suite
By Robert Clemen and Terrence Reilly

Operations Research - Applications and Algorithms
By Wayne Winston

We have been using @RISK in core MBA teaching and electives since 1994. The @RISK sessions have been very popular with our students and helped us communicate important concepts about risk and return. The software is very easy for students to learn.
Kiriakos Vlahos, Assistant Professor,
London Business School

Practical Management Science - Spreadsheet Modeling and Applications
By Wayne Winston and Christian Albright

Quantitative Decision Making with Spreadsheet Applications
By Lawrence Lapin and William D. Whisler

Simulation Modeling Using @RISK
By Wayne Winston

Spreadsheet Modeling and Applications - Essentials of Practical Management Science
By Christian Albright and Wayne Winston