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@RISK 4.5
The world's most powerful risk analysis tool. Take into account all possible scenarios using Monte Carlo simulation. Work directly in Excel, create presentation-quality graphs, use distribution fitting, and more!

@RISK for Project
Add risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation to Microsoft Project to solve complex Project Management problems.

Use parallel processing to speed up simulations on large models.

The DecisionTools Suite
The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, BestFit, and RISKview. Industrial version includes RISKOptimizer and @RISKAccelerator!

Create decision trees and influence diagrams with this decision analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel.

The world's most popular distribution fitting software uses advanced algorithms and an Office-compatible interface.

Create and assess distribution functions in a pop-up distribution viewer.

Find the critical factors in your spreadsheet model with what-if analysis.

Evolver's genetic algorithms and @RISK's Monte Carlo simulation combined in one simulation optimisation package.

Innovative solver technology solves problems in this optimisation add-in for Microsoft Excel.

NEW! Sophisticated Neural Networks for spreadsheets. Make intelligent predictions that update live in real-time.

Advanced statistics toolkit for Microsoft Excel. Analyse data in Microsoft Excel and work in the familiar Microsoft Office environment, using a new, powerful statistics toolset!

by Wayne Winston
Interactive instructional CD shows how to use RISKOptimizer to solve business problems.

by Wayne Winston
Follow Professor Wayne Winston as he uses @RISK and Excel to solve a wide range of real-world business problems.

by Vose Consulting
A comprehensive risk analysis training and reference tool for @RISK users, with over 140 example models.

Customised training delivered at your company site.

Palisade Regional Seminar Series
Public classes held in major cities worldwide.

Courses delivered live via the web and teleconference.

Custom model building, programming, and more.

by S. Christian Albright
Using StatTools, Professor Albright shows you how to use statistics for practical applications.

by Wayne Winston
How do you make the best possible decisions in uncertain environments? Learn about techniques using RISKOptimizer.

by Wayne Winston
This book shows you how to use @RISK, Evolver, and other Palisade software to solve today's complex financial problems.

by Wayne Winston
Wayne Winston expands on his widely-used reference. More real-life examples of methods for better financial decisions.

by James Murtha
An extension of Dr. James Murtha's highly successful seminars on the use of @RISK in the petroleum industry.

View our complete selection of books about risk analysis, decision analysis, optimisation, and more.

Use for up to 10 days with no limits on model sizes or features!

Request a free CD and product materials, including free trial versions of Palisade software.

Flexible and customisable, Palisade corporate licenses are designed to meet your business needs.

Take @RISK out of your spreadsheet and into any Windows application. Create your own custom applications and risk models using the Monte Carlo simulation engine, distributions, charts, features, and interface of @RISK for Excel.

Use all the functionality of BestFit in your own custom Windows application. All of the distribution functions, fitting algorithms, graphs and more are accessible to you.

Incorporate the advanced genetic algorithm optimisation engine of Evolver into your own Windows applications outside of Excel. Utilise the same high-speed solving methods and other features.

@RISK and Evolver join forces in RISKOptimizer, the solver which takes into account risk. Add Monte Carlo simulation and genetic algorithm optimisation techniques to your own Windows applications with the RISKOptimizer Developer's Kit.