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Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer

A Portable Training Class!
This interactive instructional CD shows how to use RISKOptimizer to solve a wide range of business problems. The models and examples on the CD were developed by Wayne Winston, and are based on real-life scenarios. They have been used by Fortune 500 companies and are designed for advanced undergraduates, MBAs, and most of all practicing finance and operations professionals.

The instructor walks you through step by step how to solve each problem. The approach is practical and hands-on, without long-winded theory. Your instructor works as he speaks, so it's like having a tutor on your own computer!

Customise Your Learning
All example models are included on the CD, so you can try them yourself. These Excel spreadsheets may be modified and copied to suit your own needs. The material is broken up into lessons and subsections, allowing you to jump to just those topics you are most interested in. The instruction runs off the CD, so you can take it anywhere.

A users manual is also included in PDF format. This guide includes a statistical review and the step-by-step examples from the CD. Example Excel files are also included so you can experiment with them and adapt them to your own needs.

Watch as your instructor walks you through real-life examples such as retirement planning.
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Topics covered on the CD include:
Yield management to manage "inventory" of airline seats or hotel rooms
Production scheduling based on uncertain demand and time requirements
Optimal inventory ordering when demand is uncertain
Product mix decisions where demand and resource requirements are uncertain
Manpower scheduling
Job shop scheduling
Retirement planning with uncertain returns on investments
Incorporating risk aversion into retirement planning
Value at Risk (VAR) of a financial portfolio
Machine replacement modelling
Quality Assurance analysis
Truck loading optimisation
Adding macros to optimisation models
Calculating the Sharpe ratio
Correlating assets
And more!

Wayne Winston has constantly been recognised for excellence in business education, including being named best MBA teacher on four occasions. He has written several books, including Operations Research, Simulation Modeling Using @RISK, and Practical Management Science, all of which are available from Palisade. He is also an independent consultant.

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