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"The instructor was professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Provided valuable instruction and maintained a good pace."
Gail Simkus, Agricorp

"The Oil & Gas course was extremely well presented and organised; will have immediate payback."
Steven Broder, Bunker Hill Associates

The Importance of Good Decisions
You know the best decisions are only possible through detailed analysis. But how many times do you find yourself having to make a decision – one with a lot of money or time at stake – based on less-than-complete information? How often do you have to rely on “gut feel?” In today’s breakneck-speed business environment, you have to act fast or be left behind. Chances are, you don’t perform a proper analysis. Chances are, there is critical information you are missing when making your decisions. Chances are, you are missing opportunities – or heading for a fall.

Good Analysis Doesn't Have to be Complicated
But who has the time to perform risk and statistical analysis – or to even learn how? The reality is that comprehensive quantitative analysis doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Look no further than Palisade Training and Consulting. We’ll show you how to apply valuable analytical techniques without having to go back to college. Analyses such as simulating thousands of scenarios or uncovering trends in your data are within your grasp – techniques that could save you time and money!

Good Decisions Start with Quality Training
When performing risk or statistical analysis, how you apply your software tools is just as important as which tools you choose. The fact is, even the best software can’t guarantee quality results if it is not used properly. @RISK, The DecisionTools Suite, and StatTools are industry-leading software packages upon which Fortune 500 companies rely. But if you don’t know how to use these tools and apply them to your particular problems, the result will be poor, misinformed decisions. That’s where Palisade Training and Consulting comes in.

Palisade Training and Consulting: Direct from the Source
All Palisade training instructors are experienced teachers and consultants. Possessing a range of background experience – from utilities to finance, oil and gas to environmental engineering – Palisade’s consultants are well-positioned to teach you and your staff what you need to know to make the best possible decisions. They have extensive experience using @RISK and other Palisade software. In addition, Palisade consultants offer unique benefits unavailable from other sources:

  Palisade consultants have firsthand knowledge and access to the latest software versions and developments.
  You benefit from not only your instructor’s expertise, but also from the Palisade team of consultants working on the creation of your course.
  You have access to Palisade technical and development staff.
  You receive a comprehensive, software-plus-training risk analysis solution, and enjoy the “one-stop” convenience of working with a single company.

Which Service Do I Need?
Consider the following guidelines when deciding which Palisade services are most appropriate for you. A Palisade Sales Representative will be happy to help you further define your needs and put together a custom solution for your organisation.

Don't Wait!
When embarking on any new initiative, it’s important to “strike while the iron is hot.” You want to make sure that people are trained when the software is new and interest is still high. So call us for a quote:

Jane Pryce-Jones
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

UK: 0800 783 5398
France: 0800 90 80 32
Germany: 0800 181 7449
Spain: 900 93 8916
+44 1895 425050


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On-Site Training
     Customised training delivered at your company site.

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     Public classes held in major cities worldwide.

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     Courses delivered live via the web and teleconference.

Consulting Services
     Custom model building, programming, and more.