Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer: A Training CD
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Introduction to Financial Modeling with @RISK: A Training CD

Wayne Winston, author of the best-selling Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization and Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer, has developed an interactive instructional CD! In this CD, he outlines how to use @RISK and Excel to solve a wide range of real-world business problems. Professor of Decision Sciences at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, Winston has a straightforward, practical style that appeals to both students and professionals. He walks you through step by step how to solve each problem. As he discusses the concept at hand, he performs the keystrokes and constructs the model right in front of you. The material is broken up into ten units, and each unit is further divided into logical sections. This lets you customise your learning by repeating just those sections you need to see again, or by skipping those not of interest. And because it runs off the CD, you can take it anywhere. It's like having your own personal expert teaching you where you want, when you want, and at the pace you want!

A users manual is also included in PDF format. This guide includes a statistical review and the step-by-step examples from the CD. Example Excel files are also included so you can experiment with them and adapt them to your own needs.

Topics covered on the CD include:
Optimal ordering techniques
Modeling uncertain demand
Modeling timing and number
    of competitors
Estimating revenue and profit
    given uncertain demand, costs,
    and competition
Modeling market size and market
Simulating a new product launch
Modeling an acquisition
Modeling cash flows
Modeling stock and option prices
Computing Value At Risk (VAR)
    for a portfolio
Using the Normal, Lognormal,
    Discrete, SimTable, General,
    Cumulative, Triangular, Triangular
    General, and many other functions
Modeling correlations of related variables, such as price and market share
Forecasting capital expenses or structural costs
Fitting distribution functions to data
And much more!

Wayne Winston has constantly been recognised for excellence in business education, including being named best MBA teacher on four occasions. He has written several books, including Operations Research, Simulation Modeling Using @RISK, and Practical Management Science, all of which are available from Palisade. He is also an independent consultant.

System Requirements: IBM PC compatible 200MHz or higher; 24X CD-ROM or faster; Microsoft Windows 98 or NT; 64MB RAM free; MPEG1 video player software; SoundBlaster compatible audio

Download a zipped file with sample lessons from Unit 1 of the CD. Click here to download the .zip file now (32 MB).

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