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On-Site Training

Palisade's analytical software is designed to be powerful and easy to use. @RISK, the DecisionTools Suite, StatTools and other software tools are industry-leading packages that deliver professional-grade analyses on your desktop. But just owning the best risk and statistical analysis software isn’t enough. You need to use it, explore it, make it work for you. You want to get the most out of your software investment, and ensure that others do, too. That’s why you should consider an on-site training course from Palisade.

Maximise Your Investment
Palisade on-site training will maximise your software investment in two key ways. First, the training is tailored to your organisational needs, so you can be sure you are taking full advantage of all the insights Palisade software has to offer. Second, by teaching members of your organisation the value of the software, you will encourage broad adoption of the techniques and you will be more likely to win over those who resist change.

Tailored Classes to Meet Your Needs
With Palisade on-site training, you get a custom-designed course that teaches your staff practical ways to apply Palisade software in their day-to-day work. Only features and techniques that are relevant to your organisation’s functions will be covered. In addition, we can adapt your own spreadsheet models to use in the class, so that examples presented are readily understood by all participants. This ensures that students get up to speed quickly, reducing learning time and lowering costs.

An Investment that Pays for Itself
With any project rollout, the acquisition of tools or equipment is never the end of the story. In fact, it’s just the beginning, a first step in achieving a larger goal. It’s no different with software initiatives. When investing in risk analysis software, you need to be sure people know how to use the software in order to achieve your organisational goals. Consistent, effective application of @RISK and other Palisade tools will inevitably result in better decisions across the board, saving time and improving profits. When you and your group consistently apply techniques learned through Palisade on-site training, your software and training investment can pay for itself with the first good decision.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution
Because we come to you instead of the other way around, Palisade on-site training is very cost-effective. There are no travel expenses for the attendees, and lost work time is kept to a minimum. Once the class is over, attendees don’t need to waste time travelling home. Additionally, volume discounts are available for multiple training classes.

For more information, contact:

Jane Pryce-Jones
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

UK: 0800 783 5398; France: 0800 90 80 32; Germany: 0800 181 7449;
Spain: 900 93 8916; +44 1895 425050