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Palisade Academic Programmes

From the Leader in Risk & Decision Analysis Software

Palisade software is used at over 400 academic institutions around the world! Each year over 40,000 MBA students at the top business schools use @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, and StatTools.

"Palisade Corporation's DecisionTools Suite continues to represent an integral component of my Decision Sciences courses. I have enjoyed showing my students how to build effective, relevant, and realistic models using this easy-to-understand software.”
Keith Willoughby, Professor, Bucknell University

Savings for Faculty, Staff, and Students
If you are faculty, staff, or a student with a recognized academic institution, you qualify for special savings on select Palisade products.

Palisade offers three options to meet your research or learning requirements.

Academic Versions for Faculty - Discounted single copies for faculty and staff
Course Licenses - Economical volume licenses for courses or computer labs
Student Versions - Our lowest cost single copy option for students

Which Option is Right for You?
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Academic Versions for Faculty
Perfect for professors, instructors, researchers, administrators, and support staff of accredited academic institutions, Academic Versions are fully functional copies of @RISK, DecisionTools Suite, StatTools, and more. The software has no model size, functional, or time limitations. Documentation and one year of maintenance — including technical support and upgrades — are included.

Academic Versions are priced at up to 50% off the list price of their commercial counterparts, and are available for all Palisade software.


Course Licenses
For professors and instructors who want to use Palisade products as part of their curriculum, Course Licenses are an economical and trouble-free alternative. With a Course License you can install software in a computer lab, on individual machines, or on a secure server for students to download to their computers. The software is fully functional with no model size limitations and is available for twelve month or twenty-four month licenses. Documentation is included in PDF format and support is available through the instructor only.

Course Licenses are priced at over 95% off the commercial list price on a per-student basis. Savings increase with the number of users.


Student Versions

This highly affordable alternative is available to full-time and part-time students enrolled in a programme that requires or recommends the use of Palisade products for course work. Student Versions are fully functional copies of the software with no model size or functional limits. They expire twelve months after installation. Documentation is included in PDF format, and support is available via email only.

Student Versions are priced at over 90% off the commercial retail prices.


Which Academic Option is Right for You?
The table below summarizes the differences between the three academic plans available from Palisade.

Academic Versions
Course Licenses
Student Versions
Faculty, researchers, or staff
Professors adopting software for a course
Full or part-time students
Network installation
Time limit of 12 months
Limitless model sizes and full software functionality
Approximate discount off list price

All Palisade academic versions of software are meant solely for use by faculty, staff, and students affiliated with recognized academic institutions. Academic verification is required at time of purchase for all academic products.

Order Now
For more information or to purchase any academic version of Palisade software, please contact Palisade Europe Academic Sales:

0800 783 5398 UK
0800 90 80 32 France
0800 181 7449 Germany
900 93 89 16 Spain
+44 1895 425050 tel
+44 1895 425051 fax