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About Palisade Corporation

Our Mission
Palisade Corporation is committed to developing the world’s most robust, innovative, and comprehensive risk, decision, and data analysis software and training services.

Over 20 Years of Innovation
Founded in 1984, Palisade’s first decision analysis programme was called PRISM. PRISM gave desktop computer users, for the first time ever, the ability to quantify risk by running Monte Carlo simulations, a number-crunching exercise previously only available on mainframes. It was soon succeeded by @RISK, which added Monte Carlo simulation to spreadsheets. @RISK quickly became the company’s flagship product and the world’s leading risk analysis tool.

Building on the success of @RISK, Palisade has developed other programmes to meet the growing professional demand for technically refined decision analysis tools. Nearly all Palisade products “add-in” to Microsoft Excel, making their powerful technology accessible to users in many industries.

These innovations, along with comprehensive training and consulting services, keep Palisade at the forefront of risk and decision analysis solution providers.

Comprehensive Product Line
Palisade software tools can be grouped into a number of complimentary analytical categories, making the products useful both independently and in conjunction with one another. Palisade software categories include:

Risk and Decision Analysis – This includes @RISK for Excel, @RISK for Project, and the popular DecisionTools® Suite. The DecisionTools Suite combines @RISK with PrecisionTree®, the decision tree add-in to Excel, and other programmes.

Data AnalysisStatTools® and NeuralTools round out this group. These tools bring advanced statistics and neural networks technology to Excel.

Optimisation – RISKOptimizer® and Evolver™ enable complex combinatorial problems to be solved in Excel.

Developer KitsProgramming toolkits allow the above technologies to be added to custom applications outside Excel.

Customer-Focused Technology
Customer feedback drives the development of Palisade tools. Software features, interface, and capabilities are directly affected by input from Palisade users. Because decisions can be complex and involve massive amounts of data, all Palisade software is designed for maximum computational speed and capacity, all without sacrificing ease of use.

Training and Consulting Services
As interest in risk and decision analysis has grown, Palisade has responded with training services to teach professionals in a variety of fields how to apply the software to real-world problems. The company offers an extensive schedule of public regional seminars in major cities worldwide. Palisade also provides live web training so that users can learn risk and decision analysis techniques while avoiding the time and cost of travel.

Palisade’s customised on-site training classes allow organisations with numerous users to meet their specific learning needs in a cost-effective manner. Palisade also offers tailored consulting services to help organisations define and develop quantitative analytic solutions to support decision making.

Palisade in Textbooks
Palisade has published a number of books and CDs describing applications of its analytical software products. These materials help users make better decisions in real-world situations. Among Palisade’s current titles are Financial Models Using Simulation I and II by Dr. Wayne Winston and Learning Statistics with StatTools by Dr. Christian Albright.

In addition to the books it publishes, Palisade distributes its software to more than 40,000 MBA students annually. Through a partnership with Duxbury Press (an imprint of Thomson Brooks-Cole), a student edition of the DecisionTools Suite and StatTools is included in leading management science, operations research, and statistics textbooks.

A Global Presence
Headquartered in Ithaca, New York, where the company was founded, Palisade also maintains offices in Ithaca, New York and Sydney, Australia, and offers special services to Latin American customers. Palisade users can be found in over 100 countries, and training services are available on five continents, making the company a truly global force.

Analyse Risk in any Industry
Palisade software can be used to analyse any decision, course of action, or project. Used by professionals across a surprising range of disciplines, it has been most widely adopted in the following industries and management processes:

Consumer Products
Environmental Sciences




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