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@RISK 5.0.1 Update for @RISK 5.0 Users 

@RISK 5.0.1 is a maintenance update to @RISK 5.0. All @RISK 5.0 users with current maintenance plans are entitled to this update.

  • All copies of the DecisionTools Suite 5.0 already include @RISK 5.0.1 and do not need this update.
  • This update will NOT work for @RISK versions prior to 5.0. You must have @RISK 5.0 to use this update.

Download Now

Click to download the @RISK 5.0.1 update for your edition of @RISK 5.0. You will be taken to a form, then you will receive an email with a download link immediately after submitting the form.


@RISK 5.0.1 Adds The Following:

Fit Distributions to Simulation Results
A new button has been added to the @RISK graph window that, in a single click, specifies the distribution function with best fits your simulated results.

Disable Smart Sensitivity Analysis
Smart Sensitivity Analysis in @RISK 5.0 pre-screens inputs based on their precedence in formulas to outputs. Inputs, located in formulas, that have no link via your model's formulas to an output are removed from sensitivity analysis, thus avoiding erroneous results.

In @RISK 5.0.1 you can disable Smart Sensitivity Analysis in Application Settings, making Sensitivity Analysis like it was in @RISK 4.5.

There are isolated instances where you should disable Smart Sensitivity Analysis to improve performance and sensitivity analysis results:

  1. The Smart Sensitivity Analysis setup time for scanning precedents at the start of the simulation adds to runtime of very large models and you are not concerned that you may see sensitivity analysis results (or tornado graph bars) for inputs unrelated to outputs.
  2. You use a macro or DLL that performs calculations using @RISK input values in cells that have no relationship via workbook formulas with the output. This macro or DLL then returns a result to a cell that is used in calculating the outputs value. In this case there is no relationship in workbook formulas between the output and the @RISK distributions and Smart Sensitivity Analysis should be disabled. To avoid situations like this, we recommend that you create macro functions (UDFs) that explicitly reference all used input cells in their argument lists.

Support for @RISK 4.5 Macros
@RISK 5.0.1 provides backward compatibility with commonly-used @RISK 4.5 VBA macro commands via new macro wrappers. @RISK 4.5 macros using Simulation Settings and Run Simulation commands will run in @RISK 5.0.1.

RISKOptimizer Speedup
The Industrial edition of @RISK 5.0.1 includes RISKOptimizer 5.0.1, which runs up to four times faster than RISKOptimizer 5.0.0.


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