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Solutions for Complex Problems
Simulation and optimisation are fast becoming the techniques of choice for solving complex problems. These powerful techniques allow better, more informed decisions in uncertain situations. They guide decisions on what to buy, where to invest, how much to produce and how to allocate resources - all in rapidly changing, risk-filled environments.

One Model - Many Users
With simulation and optimisation, many times a standard model is used over and over by different users. Each user changes the model inputs and generates new results. For example, a financial planning model that simulates the future value of a stock portfolio could be used by thousands of different users, each with a different investment mix. The simulation model stays the same use-to-use; only the model inputs (each user's "portfolio") change. Another example would be a single corporate financial planning model accessible worldwide, with individual operating units entering their own input parameters to the overall simulation.

Add Analytics - Then Deploy
The challenge for the developer of simulation and optimisation applications is to include the necessary analytics that a model requires without building the technology from "scratch." The model then must be delivered to the end users, wherever they may be, via a corporate network or the Internet. Users can then enter the necessary input data, run analyses and use the results to make better decisions.

With this in mind, Palisade Corporation provides the most comprehensive set of simulation and optimisation tools for server-based applications available today. By using the appropriate toolkit, developers can easily enhance their web and network applications with the latest simulation and optimisation technologies. Models run using these tools are fast and scalable, ready for the demands of the most processing-intensive web environments.

Take a Further Look
To learn more about the solutions available from Palisade, look through the available tools and run the example applications we've provided. Examine the models that can be created using the developer kits. Browse the elements of the toolkits themselves, reviewing the available objects, properties, methods and other programming capabilities. Peruse the code for each example and see for yourself how easy it is to develop your own application that includes these powerful technologies. With Palisade Developer Kits, customised solutions using cutting-edge analytics are finally within your reach!

@RISK Developer's Kit

The @RISK Developer's Kit (RDK) is Palisade's widely-used risk analysis programming toolkit. The RDK allows you to build Monte Carlo simulation models using C, Visual Basic or any other Windows programming language. Version 4.1 includes examples of programs that access the ActiveX/COM interface from the .Net environment.
Click here for more information about the RDK.

BestFit Developer's Kit

The BestFit Developer's Kit (BDK) allows you to fit probability distribution functions to data in programs written in C, Visual Basic, or other programming languages. The BDK can be used to select probability distributions based on historical or sampled data to be used in any Windows program. Version 4.1 includes examples of programs that access the ActiveX/COM interface from the .Net environment.
Click here for more information about the BDK.

Evolver Developer's Kit

The Evolver Developer's Kit (EDK) is Palisade's optimisation programming toolkit. The EDK allows you to build genetic algorithm optimisation models using C, C++, Visual Basic or any other Windows programming language. Version 4.1 provides a new ActiveX/COM interface with intuitive object models for different types of optimisation problems; it also provides examples demonstrating how to use the interface in Visual Basic and in the .Net environment.
Click here for more information about the EDK.

RISKOptimizer Developer's Kit

The new RISKOptimizer Developer’s Kit (RODK) lets you combine Evolver’s genetic-algorithm optimisation engine with the power of @RISK’s Monte Carlo simulation for unprecedented problem-solving ability! The ActiveX/COM interface incorporates the interfaces of the RDK and EDK, enabling the users of these products to make a quick transition to the RODK. Visual Basic and .Net examples demonstrate how easy it is to build risk analysis and optimisation into programs using Palisade tools.
Click here for more information about the RODK.

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