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Corporate License Options

The divisional license gives members of a specific division of an organisation, such as corporate finance, marketing, or a trading floor, access to the software. All licensed users in the specified division may access the software, even if the division is spread across different geographic locations. The software can be accessed from network or Web servers, desktop PCs, laptops, or any combination of these. This option is available for a single one-time investment, with available annual maintenance.

Divisional Licenses offer:
Consistent high quality of decision-making throughout the division
Smaller investment outlay versus individual license purchases
Consistent software version across the organisation
Simple, comprehensive solution with easy accessibility
No compliance issues for IT personnel in the division
Streamlined software procurement process versus ordering individual licenses
Customised training and consulting services available
Flexibility of deployment (network, Internet, desktop, laptops)
Perpetual use of the software
Dedicated account management, maintenance, and technical support programme
No geographical limitations


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