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Benefits of Corporate Licenses

Palisade offers a range of licensing options designed to help businesses and organisations meet their risk and decision analysis needs in the most efficient manner possible. Flexible and customisable, Palisade corporate licenses adapt to your particular organisational configuration while simultaneously eliminating the hassles of individual copy ordering.

Palisade corporate licenses offer:

Consistent quality of decisions save time and money.
Industry leading risk and decision analysis solutions from Palisade give you a much clearer picture of what your risks and possible decisions are in any situation. Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, optimisation, what-if analysis, distribution viewing and fitting - all combine to provide the most comprehensive and effective possible toolkit for tackling uncertainty in today's volatile business environment. By providing insight into what could happen and how likely it is to happen, Palisade software can identify the consequences of a bad decision, or uncover a new opportunity. This kind of clear vision is invaluable for an entire organisation. With a single well-informed decision, a Palisade corporate license can pay for itself. In a world where risks are higher than ever before, can you afford not to analyse them?

The most efficient investment option.
Investing in a Palisade corporate license is the most cost-effective path to better decisions enterprise-wide. By switching from haphazardly purchasing individual boxed copies of software to adopting a corporate license, many companies have found that the return on their software investment dramatically improved. Not only was their investment outlay reduced compared to buying individual copies, but widespread access to the software encouraged better decision-making throughout the organisation.

The latest software version - for everyone.
Because they provide widespread access to the software, Palisade corporate licenses ensure consistent usage across an organisation. All users work with the same current version, and upgrades are handled on the same corporate level to maintain this consistency. This avoids users upgrading independently of one another, causing different departments to be using different versions of software and creating model compatibility issues.

Encourages better decisions throughout the organisation.
Palisade software makes better decisions possible in any situation where uncertainty exists. So why limit the benefits of quality decision-making to just a handful or groups or departments? Enterprise-wide licenses encourage experimentation with and implementation of this high-quality software by all employees. The potential benefits of this clarity of vision are boundless.

Elimination of IT compliance issues.
A Palisade corporate license relieves IT personnel of having to constantly monitor software usage to make sure a company remains in compliance with software license agreements. Corporate licenses are structured to be easy to track, without the need to regulate every individual installation.

Streamlined procurement process eliminates red tape.
By adopting a Palisade corporate license, you can avoid departmental budget constraints, differing purchasing procedures, and other hurdles to software procurement. The software is provided to the entire organisation through a single purchasing contract, minimising administrative headaches and maximising software usage.

Flexibility of deployment.
Palisade corporate licenses can be structured to meet your organisation's specific configuration needs. Whether you require software on a Web server, a network server, individual desktops, or laptop PCs, a licensing option exists. Because licenses are set up on an organisational or geographic level, the method of deployment to the end-users is left up to you.


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