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Welcome Crystal Ball Users
@RISK vs. Crystal Ball: A Comparison
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Welcome Crystal Ball Users!

We invite you to take a look at the latest in spreadsheet-based simulation, @RISK 4.5!

Preview our multimedia comparison between @RISK 4.5 and Crystal Ball 2002.2 (a Decisioneering product). Then, try the @RISK 4.5 trial version on your existing models using our free CB Converter. This tool automatically converts Crystal Ball models to @RISK 4.5 models. See for yourself how @RISK's faster simulations, more powerful analyses and intuitive graphs and reports can benefit your risk models.

We are confident that you'll want to move up to @RISK. So, we have a special, limited-time offer for you! Preserve your investment in risk analysis software and get an @RISK 4.5 Professional license at no charge! You'll pay only for maintenance on your new copy of @RISK. Send us your Crystal Ball CD and you'll get:

1) A full copy of @RISK 4.5 Professional, with three powerful new analyses and integrated distribution fitting

2) Two years of Gold Maintenance for @RISK, providing free technical support and software upgrades during the period

3) 20% off an on-site or regional @RISK training seminar

The cost to you to move up to @RISK? Just £135 a year for two years maintenance, or a total of £270 — a saving of over 70% of the list price! This great offer is only valid for a limited time, so you'll need to act now.

Join the other customers that have made the switch!
Contact a Palisade Europe UK Ltd. sales representative at 0800 783 5398 (UK), 0800 90 80 32 (France), 0800 181 7449 (Germany), 900 93 8916 (Spain) or +44 1895 425050, or print out the order form and send it in with your Crystal Ball CD.

"As a former Crystal Ball user, I found @RISK to be much more user friendly and its interface truly intuitive. Making the switch has definitely put me at an advantage."
Steve Soeder, Suncor Energy
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Run the @RISK 4.5 Professional - Crystal Ball 2002.2 Multimedia Comparison
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@RISK 4.5 vs. Crystal Ball: Speed comparison chart
@RISK 4.5 vs. Crystal Ball: Features comparison chart
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Disclaimer: All comparison information presented here is accurate to the best of our knowledge. All software was used according to vendor specifications and versions tested were those available at the time of publication (May 2002). Any comparison errors are unintentional. Please submit corrections or suggestions to .