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Go to blogs for the latest insights and news. Also, see tips and techniques direct from experts and trainers—material you won't see anywhere else!

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Dr. Michael ReesDecision Making Under Uncertainty
Dr. Michael Rees heads the Decision Making Under Uncertainty Training Team at Palisade Corporation, and is one of Europe's leading experts in modelling and risk analysis for business and financial applications. With the goal of teaching the latest tips and techniques in quantitative modelling, Michael and the Palisade trainers demonstrate how software tools can analyze risk in a wide variety of industries, including finance, insurance, oil & gas, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, environment, and more.

» Read the blog by Mike and the DMUU Training Team

Risk and Decision Analysis Today
Every day there are new innovations in the application of risk and decision analysis to business, academics, government, the environment—everywhere we look. Holly Bailey keeps up with the news, and reports on how Palisade software @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite contribute to solving problems in the world around us.

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Stephen Hunt, LSSBB Monte Carlo Simulation in Lean Six Sigma
and Design for Six Sigma

Experts in the methodologies of Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma are realizing how much Monte Carlo simulation can add to process improvement projects. Stephen Hunt, LSSBB, is the Six Sigma Product Manager at Palisade Corporation. In this blog, he explores the latest innovations and ideas involving Monte Carlo Simulation in process improvement projects.

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