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@RISK 4.0 Product Support Center

Free Update/Patch
Check this page for updates to @RISK 4.0 for Excel.

@RISK Online Help FAQ
Click here for a searchable online Frequently Asked Questions covering:
      Spreadsheet/OS Compatibility
      System Requirements
      Error Messages and Troubleshooting
      Software Operation
      Modeling Tips

Or click here to download the entire FAQ file (riskfaq.chm, 69 KB).

Online "In @RISK 4.0, How Do I...?" Help Files
Get answers to "How do I set up my spreadsheet to analyse it in @RISK?" and "How do I run a simulation?" Click here to view the help file online.

Tips & Tricks
Don't miss the Tips & Tricks page, with lots of shortcuts and information about how to best use @RISK!

Learning @RISK
      @RISK 4.5 Tutorial
      Case Studies
      Wayne Winston's Introduction to Financial Modeling Using @RISK: A Training CD