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BestFit 4.0 Product Support Center

Free Update/Patch
Check this page for updates to BestFit.

BestFit Online Help FAQ
Click here for a searchable online Frequently Asked Questions covering:
      Spreadsheet/OS Compatibility
      System Requirements
      Error Messages and Troubleshooting
      Software Operation
      Modeling Tips

Or click here to download the entire FAQ file (BestFitFaq.chm, 35 KB).

Online BestFit 4.0 Help Files
Click here to view the help file online, including:
      Getting Started
      An Overview of Distribution Fitting
      BestFit Reference Guide
      Reference: BestFit Commands

Or click here to download the entire Help Files (BestFit4.chm, 1MB).

Learning BestFit
      Download the BestFit Tutorial
      Case Studies