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Data Analysis Books

Data Analysis for Managers
PAL No. 072,  £67.95
Albright, Winston, Zappe
Data are everywhere today. Companies compile vast amounts of data, more than most people can keep up with. But unless that data is properly analysed for trends, patterns, or relationships, it is meaningless. Data Analysis for Managers is a very practical, clearly written book that demonstrates how to use various statistical methods to analyse data and uncover important information. Throughout the book, data analysis is emphasised in the context of making business decisions. You will not find a lot of highbrow, abstract theory in Data Analysis for Managers . Instead, you will find over 1,000 concise and plainly written case studies and exercises that cover all fields and are designed to be applied immediately to real life. And because Excel is the standard for today's business world, the book is based entirely on data analysis in Excel. The book also emphasises the use of StatTools for statistical analysis and today's most powerful risk and decision analysis toolkit, the DecisionTools Suite! You do not need a statistics background to use this book, only a casual knowledge of Excel. Armed with StatTools, the DecisionTools Suite and this book, you will be making better decisions in no time! HC, 952 pp.


Data Analysis, Regression and Forecasting
PAL No. 057, £18.99
Schleifer & Bell
Make informed decisions using statistical techniques from real world cases. You'll learn how to use this existing data to facilitate planning and improve decisions. You'll also get answers to familiar questions such as 'what are good ways of describing the relationship between monthly retail sales and monthly advertising expenditures in the US?' or 'what can you conclude from a questionnaire sample on your product?'. The entire text emphasises statistics by use of real-world practice and business examples.

One of a series titled 'Managerial Decision Analysis,' the authors have combined experience and development projects associated with Harvard Business School to present case studies involving issues, concepts and techniques you can begin using today! SC, 248 pp.