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Neural Networks Software Crunches the Big Numbers
     Summary of methodology and applications of neural networks software,
     including Palisade's NeuralTools. Quality Digest, February 2006

Capabilities of Neural Network as Software Model-Builder

Project Portfolio Management at Novartis Pharma
     A Case Study from London Business School using @RISK, PrecisionTree, and RISKOptimizer

Planning for Retirement and @RISK

Financial Analyses with DecisionTools

Texaco vs. Pennzoil: Modelling a Settlement in PrecisionTree

Schedule Risk Analysis Simplified

When CAPM Is Not Reliable Anymore, Simulation and Optimisation Tools Will Get the Job Done
     Guilherme Marques Calôba, et. al., 2004

The Economics of Litigation
     Samson Vermont, 2001

Combining Preference Theory and CAPM Efficient Frontier: Towards and Optimum Portfolio of Upstream Projects
     Regis da Rocha Motta et. al.

Investment and Risk Analysis Applied to the Petroleum Industry
     Regis da Rocha Motta et. al.

Estimating the Cost of Preventive Services in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Under Managed Care
     Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, Department of Health and Human Services
     December 2001

A Better Way to Size Up Your Nest Egg: Monte Carlo Models Simulate All Kinds of Scenarios
     BusinessWeek, January 22, 2001

Using Monte Carlo Simulation for Pavement Cost Analysis
     Public Roads Magazine, November/December 2000

Why Plain Old Spreadsheets Are Not Enough (RISKOptimizer)
     PCWeek, March 1999

Palisade Takes Add-In Science to New Heights (@RISK, BestFit)
     Derivatives Strategy, August 1996

Modeling a European Put Option (@RISK)
     Sam O. Sugiyama & Jeffrey Chow

Operational Research Software (BestFit)
     European Journal of Operational Research