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Palisade International Reseller Application

Thank you for your interest in Palisade software products. Palisade is always interested in expanding our international reseller network, and our DecisionTools products continue to show that there is a significant market for spreadsheet add-ins.

If you are interested in marketing @RISK, TopRank�, BestFit� or other Palisade products in your country, we would be interested in hearing more about your current operations and your proposed plans for our products. Palisade has made it a policy not to saturate the number of resellers in any given geographic region (We do not give exclusives), creating more incentive for each reseller to aggressively market our products. A sizable market may remain untapped in your country. This would be a great opportunity for resale of Palisade software in your local market.

Please fill out the following brief application to begin the process of becoming a Palisade International Reseller.

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Company Name:
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Contact Information
Job Title:

Please list your company's experience in marketing software. (Be sure to list any products you currently represent):
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Your intent to sell products as consultants and/or in specific vertical markets:
The Palisade DecisionTools line of products encompass many sophisticated statistical techniques requiring knowledge of stochastic modelling. What is your staff's knowledge of risk and what-if analysis modelling?
Specific proposal strategies for marketing Palisade products (i.e. on-site demonstrations, direct mail, exhibitions, etc.):
Price suggestions for our products in your country. Please give us a suggested price including information on the prices of other comparable software, like Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel, and MS Project, in your country.
Please include any other information that you feel would be useful in helping us evaluate your potential to represent Palisade Corporation in your country.
Palisade is very enthusiastic about this opportunity to expand our marketing efforts in your country. Thank you again for your interest in Palisade's software products. We look forward to working with you soon!